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Using Crowdfunding for Projects or Business

June Hollister is a largo -based marketing expert who teaches small-business owners to make a crowfunding pitch on portals such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and RockthePost.

Recently, Hollister gave a presentation to members of the Sarasota Internet Mastermind Group about how they can use crowdfunding to finance a cause, launch or grow a small businesses or finance a specific project, such as publishing a book or producing a film.

Hollister calls herself an "infopreneur" because her business provides information, such as in her "Boot Camp," a workshop that teaches the ways to develop a crowdfunding marketing plan.
"Your marketing plan will clarify where your campaign can or cannot go and what the future holds for your chosen cause/project," she says.

To start a crowdfunding campaign, Hollister advises her clients to "start with the end in mind." She says to think about the public, called the "crowd," who will be making small donations for you to reach your goal.

"Without a great benefit for the public, you will not reach your destination," Hollister says.
Your marketing plan starts with a 30-second "elevator" pitch, she says. It should include an "irresistible offer" and a reason why the donor should believe you.

"Focus on how their donation will affect the cause and how they will benefit from their donation," she says

You can learn more about donation crowdfunding and Hollister's training at