Crowdfunding Tips
Don't be a Crowdfunder Wannabe. 

Tip #1
People support projects because they want to be a part of making an idea happen.
In many ways, regular updates and thank yous are just as valuable as tangible
rewards. Send personal emails. Create a backers-only page with special outtakes,
photos, and updates just for them. Show them you care, and the goodwill will go far.

Tip #2
Don't make the mistake of having too many rewards or too complicated structure. 

Tip # 3

(Every form of external communication falls under marketing.)
Fundraising happens right at the very beginning of preparing your project.
You may not have developed a compelling, complete visual 30 second elevator
pitch, but give attention to your communication consistency when verbally

Tip #4
Remember you can have the perfect crowdfunding campaign but if no one sees you
what good is it? You must have a good marketing plan.  So make sure you download
 "Creating a Visual Plan for Crowd Funding".  This will help you with your marketing.

Tip #5
Here is a good place to do some pre-launching. and  They will showcase any platform campaign.
They suggest you soft launch it before you crowdfund it.  And I agree. Get
validation first. 

Tip #6
You are going to need a contact form for your campaign blog. If you don't have an
auto-responder, this form is free and works really well.

Tip #7
Do not crowdfund a service directly.  Even though the out come is a service, you
need to crowdfund for something tangible, like equipment or supplies for the

Tip #8
Bring your product to life with videos and images. The backer likes to see what
you are doing and how it will benefit them or the world. A video will give you
the opportunity to make your first impression. Your video does not have to be
done by a professional, it's the quality of your words that has the impact on the
potential contributor. Text and images are not enough. You need it all.

Tip #9
If your product does not exist yet, like an invention, create images and videos of
your prototype to bring the idea alive. People are visual  and they are more apt to
contribute if they can see your idea. Remember text and images are not enough to
make a lasting statement.

Tip #10
Like any audience, no one likes to be the first to put their hand up. So before
making your project page live, ask family, friends and your most interested
followers to make a pledge the moment your funding page goes online.

Tip #11
Keep your backers up to date. Continue to say "Thank You". Don't treat them like
a one night stand.  If they like your project enough to donate you need to show
that you appreciate their support by keeping them up to date. The more you show
your appreciation the more they will help network your project to their friends,
family and associates. Tweet, Facebook and Google plus your thank you to them.
This also gives you a chance to broadcast your campaign without appearing to
be spamming.

Tip #12
Respond quickly to comment and questions. 

Tip #13
Show the public that you have already invested in your own project.  This
show them you are serious about your cause or project.  After all why should
anyone contribute if you haven't invested in your own project.

Total project cost is $4,000. 
You self funded $2,000 and you are crowdfunding for $2,000  

Tip #14
If you are a first time crowdfunder you need to reach out to the media before
you launch your campaign. There is a small expense but a press release is a

Tip #15
The closing of a successful campaign does not mean that it stops there.  Plan
a secondary site like a blog where people can continue to financially support
your needs.  Taking pre-orders is a way to keep the ball rolling.

Tip #16
Crowdfunding can be an ongoing job.  If you do not reach your goal do not
consider it a failure you just did not succeed in reaching your goal so now you
must consider an additional campaign. Do not let circumstances determine
your future.  Refocus, Redesign and Re-launch.