About Me

There are entrepreneurs and there are infopreneurs. I  am an infopreneur, which is one who financially gains from giving away information. For several years I have studied Crowd Funding, read many books, listened to all the Crowd Funding expert webinars, visit the Crowd Funding forums, and have written and compiled many notebooks with many useful resources on how to Crowd Fund successfully.

Because of my past failure in Crowd Funding , and my today Crowd Funding successes, I now qualify as an expert adviser in the how, what, when, where and the whys of starting and maintaining a Crowd Funding campaign. 

More and more people are fund raising through Crowd Funding for their financial needs and for good reason as there is a lot of money to be raised. You no longer need to apply for grants to fund your project or cause.

You need to "Work Smart" which means, knowing how to proceed using the right tools in the proper order. The key is to understand your success in Crowd Funding is dictated by your ability to work on ALL the components not just some.

June Hollister


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